Steve Carell's 'Office' Farewell: What Viewers Say About His Last Episode


The actor's character, Michael Scott, leaves Dundler-Mifflin in Thursday night's episode.

For the second time in about a month, Michael Scott has made viewers reach for their tissue boxes.

Steve Carell's The Office character -- who made viewers emotional when he proposed to girlfriend Holly (Amy Ryan) in late March -- said his goodbyes to the staff at Dundler-Mifflin's Scranton, Pa., branch on Thursday night's episode. (Michael is moving to Colorado with Holly.)

It was apparently a tearful episode for many viewers, who took to Twitter to express their sadness over Carell's departure. In fact, Michael Scott became a top trending topic after the show aired on the East Coast.

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Wrote Criminal Minds actress A.J. Cook: "Steve Carell last episode of The Office tonight. I'll miss you Michael Scott. Sniffle."

Tweeted Michael Buckley, who hosts the popular YouTube show What the Buck?!: "Not at all ready to say goodbye to Michael Scott tonight!  :-(" He later added: "Crying. #ThatsWhatSheSaid," referring to Michael's catchphrase.

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A sampling of other tweets:

"Goodbye to the world's best boss. Michael G. Scott, you will be missed! -- Debbie Pinchback

"I'm fighting back the tears." -- Jordan Tomb

"so sad. so so so so sad. :( #theoffice #goodbyemichaelscott" -- Hillary Chaney

"Don't cry it's just a TV show...don't cry it's just a TV...crap. #theoffice #goodbyemichaelscott" -- Jessica Brillhart

"Emotional episode of The Office tonight. Michael's farewell was very appropriate :) #goodbyeMichaelScott" -- Andy Antonelli

"They really shouldn't even continue it without. Michael Scott is the office. #sad" -- Cheryl Yu

"The office will never be the same" -- Ben Martins

"Thats the first time I've actually been emotionally invested in a character. A marathon of The Office is in my future." -- Mindy (no last name given)

"I want to go on record as saying that I didn't cry watching "The Office" tonight. I was strong. But my dang allergies made my eyes water." -- Matt Mcfarren

"Goodbye Michael Scott... Its been real... Its been awkward... Its been fun... Its been awkwardly fun. #TheOffice" -- Taylor Marquez

"Steve Carell you were amazing we'll all miss you #goodbyemichealscott #supersadface" -- Chris Wabsis

"The last episode of #TheOffice with Steve Carell. The end of the funniest show on TV" -- Neal Esteban