Steve Jobs to Be Deposed in Apple Antitrust Lawsuit

Justin Sullivan/Getty Images

The class-action lawsuit alleges that Apple has created a digital-music monopoly with its iPod players and iTunes store.

A judge has ordered Apple CEO Steve Jobs to answer questions under oath in an antitrust case related to the company's iPod music players and iTunes store, according to published reports.

The plaintiffs in the class-action lawsuit allege that Apple has created a monopoly in the digital-music-download business by not allowing certain formats of music to play on iPods and also for allowing music from iTunes to be played on iPods only.

U.S. Magistrate Judge Howard Lloyd ruled that Jobs, who is currently out on medical leave, will have to face attorneys for up to two hours. They will be allowed to ask Jobs question that relate solely to Apple's 2004 actions to block songs that were converted into iPod-friendly formats using RealNetworks' Harmony software.

Lloyd also denied a motion from Apple seeking a protective order that would have prevented Jobs from having to testify.

Apple reps have not commented.