Steve Jobs Called Fox News 'A Destructive Force In Our Society'

Justin Sullivan/Getty Images

Walter Isaacson's new biography reveals a 2010 discussion between the Apple co-founder and Rupert Murdoch.

Steve Jobs reportedly told Rupert Murdoch that Fox News "has become a destructive force in our society," according to Walter Isaacson's new biography of the Apple co-founder.

In the book, Issacson recounts how Jobs took Murdoch to task during a News Corp. management retreat in 2010. Jobs was the featured speaker, and in return, he asked Murdoch to listen to his thoughts on Fox News. "'You're blowing it with Fox News," Jobs told him over dinner. 'The axis today is not liberal and conservative, the axis is conservative-destructive, and you've cast your lot with the destructive people.'"

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Jobs told Isaacson that he thought Murdoch did not really like how far Fox had gone. However, Murdoch later said he was used to the complaints about the news channel. "'[Jobs has] got sort of a left wing view on this," he said.

Jobs requested Murdoch get a reel of Sean Hannity and Glenn Beck's shows to watch, which Murdoch agreed to. Hannity is still on Fox News, but Beck left the network in June of 2011. Fox News chief Roger Ailes has since said the network was on a "course correction" away from the far right.

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