Steve Jobs Merchandise, Domain Names Flood eBay


In the wake of the Apple co-founder’s passing, profiteers go to absurd lengths hoping to make a quick buck, including asking $1 million for a domain name.

Steve Jobs' death has sent profiteers running to eBay to try and capitalize on the moment, with domain names, memorial T-shirts and even an iPhone 4 that the seller claims cracked when Jobs died, all for sale.

Among the domain names, is is going with a $1 million asking price (though the seller says half selling price will go to cancer research). Other domain names for sale included (also for $1 million), ($200,000), ($150,000) and ($4,987). As of Thursday morning, the site auctions had received zero bids.

Much more popular was a signed 8x10 photo of the Apple co-founder posing with an old Mac monitor. With 39 bids, the photo was going for $3,950.

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Several T-shirts honoring Jobs were put up for sale on the evening of his death. Some, such as ones that say iSad or iCon or even the Apple logo with Jobs' silhouette superimposed over it, were still for sale. However, other less tasteful shirts, such ones saying iDed were missing from the site on Thursday morning.

An original Steve Jobs business card from 1979 was for sale with a starting bid of $1,990.

Also for sale (with an expected starting bid of $1,000) was an iPhone 4 which the seller says, "fell out of my lap earlier today (October 5th, 2011) and cracked at the same time Steve Jobs died." The phone has received no bids.