Magnolia Pictures Acquires 'Steve Jobs: The Lost Interview'

Steve Jobs Lost Interview - P 2012

Steve Jobs Lost Interview - P 2012

The conversation, conducted by Robert Cringley in 1995, will open in select theaters May 11.

Magnolia Pictures has acquired U.S. rights to Steve Jobs: The Lost Interview, Robert Cringely’s 1995 conversation with the late co-founder of Apple.

The film had limited screenings this year at select theaters in the Landmark circuit, which is also owned by Magnolia’s parent company, the Wagner/Cuban Co. Magnolia now plans to open the film in select theaters May 11, with a DVD and VOD release to follow in the summer.

Small portions of the interview were originally used for a television series when it was first conducted. Recently rediscovered, the interview is being presented in its entirety.

Steve Jobs: The Lost Interview is a fascinating document that will be enlightening and entertaining for anyone that’s interested in Jobs’ legacy,” Magnolia president Eamonn Bowles said. “It’s a valuable piece of history that has thankfully been rescued from obscurity.”