Steve Jobs' Palo Alto Home Burglarized

Steve Jobs Action Figure - H 2011

Steve Jobs Action Figure - H 2011

A suspect is behind bars for stealing $60,000 worth of property from the late Apple co-founder's residence.

The home of late Apple co-founder Steve Jobs was burglarized on July 17, according to the Santa Clara Daily News. The thief stole over $60,000 worth of "computers and personal items" according to a police report.

The house -- a 5,768-square-foot residence that is easily accessible -- gave Jobs and his family a sense of normalcy. But it also left them susceptible to break-ins, which have sharply increased in the area this summer.

A suspect, Karlen McFarlin, 35, has been arrested in Alameda, Ca., on suspicion of burglarizing the home and selling the property, according to Santa Clara County Deputy District Attorney Tom Flattery, who co-runs a Silicon Valley high-tech crimes unit. 

McFarlin is incarcerated in a county jail on $500,000 bail awaiting an August 20 court date. If convicted, he faces a maximum sentence of seven years and eight months for the crime.

Police say McFarlin was not aware that the home belonged to the visionary tech mogul.

Jobs died on October 5, 2011, from pancreatic cancer. Fans from as far as Italy and Honk Kong have made the pilgrimage to see the home in question, according to a Los Angeles Times report.