Steve Martin Celebrates His COVID-19 Vaccination by Reminding Fans He's Old

"Thank you all, and thank you science," the actor says.

Steve Martin on Sunday told his fans he had some good news and some bad news.

The iconic comic and movie star revealed that he had received what is assumed to be his first round of COVID-19 vaccination, which was the good news. He added the bad news is that he is old.

"Good news/Bad news. Good news: I just got vaccinated! Bad news: I got it because I’m 75. Ha! The operation in NYC was smooth as silk (sorry about the cliché @BCDreyer!) and hosted to perfection by the US Army and National Guard. Thank you all, and thank you science," Martin said on Twitter.

Martin explained to another user where he went ("I signed up ON line through an NYC dot gov website [sorry I don’t have the exact site], and waited IN line at the Javits Center") before cracking a joke to a different user. "Right now, I’m having no fide resects," he quipped.

Martin has made it a point to make people laugh amid the novel coronavirus pandemic. For example, his Twitter profile picture is of the actor wearing two masks that cover his whole face.

In September, Martin made headlines when he had people in stitches after he posted about making sure he could still be recognized while wearing a mask out and about.

"I always wear a mask when I go outside. But something about it was leaving me anxious and unsettled. I thought about the problem, addressed it, and here is the solution," wrote the comic and actor, along with a picture of him wearing a sign over his head that read: "Steve Martin" with an arrow pointing down.