Steve Martin and Martin Short Roll Down Rockefeller Center, Play "True Confessions" on 'Tonight Show'

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Andrew Lipovsky/NBC

Did Short pretend to be an exchange student from London to pick up girls?

Martin Short and Steve Martin took time out of their busy schedules to visit The Tonight Show on Thursday.

The award-winning duo danced their way to the stage as they joined host Jimmy Fallon in a sing-along. Afterward, Short started things off with a string of comedic hits as he declared to Fallon, "You have an Eric Trump aura tonight," then followed it with, "You look so young that it seems Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt should be fighting for custody of you!"

He even tried out a reference to Kim Kardashian's recent mishap in Paris: "The three of us haven’t been together since we robbed Kim Kardashian."

Then it was on to a "game of deception" called "True Confessions," with two envelopes containing a fabrication or a real story about each participant, and the task at hand was to guess the truth correctly.

Martin began his tale by claiming he slept with actress Brigitte Bardot. He detailed the tryst he supposedly had with the actress, complete with a walk on the beach. Both Fallon and Short declared that it was a lie, to which Martin hesitantly admitted that it was, in fact, a lie.

Fallon went next, reading, "I once got into an argument with Regis Philbin on my way to see Cats." Martin immediately begged to be "spared the details." Short intervened with, "Was Brigitte Bardot on the street when you ran into him?" Both comedians believed Fallon's story, but it ended up being false.

When it was Short's turn to test the players, his envelope read, "When I was in college, to pick up girls I would sometimes pretend to be an exchange student from London." Martin jumped in with, "How does that pick up girls?" "Did they ever sleep with you?" Short replied, "No!" Both Fallon and Martin correctly guessed that Short did indeed resort to using accents to woo girls.

Fallon also showed a clip of the backstage antics before the show, as he first ran into Short and somehow tripped him, which sent the comedian rolling down a slew of stairs, where he bumped into Martin.

The pair rolled down into a waiting elevator and ended up outside, where they continued their roll through Rockefeller Center. Along the way, they managed to grab a hotdog and help a lady in trouble before finally heading back into the studio — where Fallon greeted them with, "Sounds like a nice trip!"

Watch the videos below.