Steve-O Arrested After Crane Climbing Stunt at Hollywood Construction Site

Courtesy of Maker Studios

The 'Jackass' stunt performer was live-streaming his anti-SeaWorld antics on Facebook before being arrested.

Steve-O's anti-SeaWorld activism has landed him in trouble again, after the Jackass stuntman was arrested for climbing a 100-foot crane at a Hollywood construction site on Sunday evening. 

LAPD and firefighters were initially unsure whether a man needed to be rescued from the crane located at Selma Avenue and Gower Street. It was later revealed that the man was Steve-O, real name Stephen Glover, and the incident was a publicity stunt and part of his crusade against SeaWorld. 

Steve-O was live-streaming the incident on Facebook, and had earlier trailed his stunt on Instagram, saying that he was about to do something that would get him in a "lot of trouble." 


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