Josh Gad Praises Seth Rogen's Steve Wozniak in 'Steve Jobs'

Seth Rogen and Josh Gaad - H 2015

Gad played the Apple co-founder in the 2013 biopic 'Jobs,' starring Ashton Kutcher.

Seth Rogen and Josh Gad have both played Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak in movies about Wozniak's early partner who went on to become a tech icon, late Apple co-founder Steve Jobs.

While Rogen stars in Danny Boyle's Steve Jobs alongside Michael Fassbender as Jobs, Gad played Wozniak in the much-maligned 2013 biopic Jobs, starring Ashton Kutcher as the Apple mastermind.

And this weekend Gad had nothing but love for Rogen's portrayal of Wozniak, tweeting the below after seeing the film.

Rogen thanked Gad for his kind words and repaid the compliment, saying, "I kept thinking how happy I was you were in the other one because you for sure would have stolen the part from me."

But Gad remained impressed with Rogen's more recent take on the Apple co-founder.

Gad and Rogen's tweets mark the latest exchange between participants in the two Jobs films. Last week, Fassbender joked at a New York Film Festival press conference that he "studied Ashton Kutcher" to prepare to play Jobs.

Before Kutcher's Jobs came out, Wozniak expressed his concerns that the film wouldn't accurately present what happened in Apple's early days. Kutcher claimed that Wozniak's remarks were biased because he was working on Steve Jobs, which was then in development at Sony.

Wozniak has praised the latest Jobs film.