Steven Levitan's latest tech headache

'Modern Family' creator lashes out against Hulu

"Modern Family" creator Steven Levitan is not a fan of a possible $2 billion IPO of online video service Hulu, arguing that content providers will once again come away empty-handed.

"What do the content providers get? Zero," Levitan said on Twitter, the New York Post reported Friday. "What is Hulu without content? An empty jukebox."

He also complained that the current Nielsen ratings system doesn't count viewers on emerging digital platforms yet.

Hart Hanson, creator of Fox's "Bones," expressed support for Levitan -- also via Twitter. His tweet said he would like to find a step ladder to "kiss [Levitan] on the lips."

Levitan has been outspoken on the use of content in the digital world. He previously said that he unsuccessfully lobbied ABC to remove online versions of "Modern Family" to fully monetize it as about 2 million people watch it online for free.