Steven Moffat in for 'Doctor Who'

BAFTA winner will pen, produce series

LONDON -- BAFTA award-winning scribe Steven Moffat is set to take over as lead writer and executive producer of hit family sci-fi drama "Doctor Who," replacing Russell T. Davies, who is stepping back after this season.

Moffat has penned some of the most acclaimed episodes of the current season, including "Blink," in which sinister stone angels catapult their victims through time. He recently penned the screenplay to "Tintin," to be directed by Steven Spielberg for DreamWorks, and also was a writer on the BBC sitcom "Coupling."

Moffat will take the helm for Season 5, which is due to air on the BBC in 2010.

"My entire career has been a secret plan to get this job," he said. "I applied for it once before but got backed because the BBC wanted someone else. Also, I was 7."

BBC drama supremo Jane Tranter paid tribute to "the spectacularly talented" Davies, who was responsible for revamping the sc-fi series after a decade off the air, and welcomed Moffat to the helm of one of the BBC's biggest shows.

"The Tardis couldn't be in safer hands," she said.