Steven Seagal Wants to Launch a Russian Production Company

Steven Seagal - P 2015

Steven Seagal - P 2015

It would operate as a joint venture with Russian partners.

Steven Seagal, who is scheduled to show up in Russia later this month alongside Pamela Anderson for an environmental event, said he is considering launching a production company in Russia.

Seagal was quoted by the online news service Rambler as saying that he is currently looking into forming a joint venture with Russian partners that would produce movies.

He and Anderson are scheduled to arrive in Russia's Far East to take part in the local environmental event Tiger Day, aimed to help save endangered species, local authorities said on their official web site.

Earlier this month, Anderson already visited the East Economic Forum in Russia’s far eastern city of Vladivostok to discuss environmental issues and sold a buoy from the TV series Baywatch at a charitable auction.

Seagal has maintained close ties with Russia for a long time. Two years ago, he was supposed to become the face of the local arms manufacturer Kalashnikov's international ad campaign.

However, last year, the idea was abandoned following U.S. sanctions slapped on Russia over Crimea. Still, Seagal has repeatedly expressed support for the Kremlin's policies in Ukraine, which led to the cancelation of his music set at an Estonian festival last year.

Earlier this year, Russian Oscar-winning director Nikita Mikhalkov said he is planning a movie starring Seagal.