Steven Seagal to Star in a U.S.-Russia Co-Production From Oscar-Winning Director

Steven Seagal

Nikita Mikhalkov ('Burned by the Sun') will direct, has no details on plot.

Russian Oscar-winning director Nikita Mikhalkov has announced plans for a U.S.-Russia co-production featuring Steven Seagal.

Mikhalkov was quoted by the Russian news agency TASS as saying that he recently discussed the specifics of the project with Seagal in Moscow.

"He brought a project, and we discussed collaboration," Miklhalkov said. "He wants to make it with our studio [TRITE]."

The director, who won an Oscar for best foreign-language film in 1995 for Burned by the Sun, said that the film is to be made as a co-production between Russia and the United States, with both countries having an equal share in the project. He wouldn't disclose the film's plot, only saying that Seagal's character is likely to be different from those the actor has been played so far.

Seagal is known for his fondness for Russia and his support for the Kremlin. Two years ago, the actor was supposed to star in an international ad for Russian arms manufacturer Kalashnikov, but the deal was called off following U.S. sanctions against Russia imposed last year.

Several weeks ago, the Kremlin denied a BuzzFeed report that President Vladimir Putin wanted to make Seagal an honorary consul of Russia in California and Arizona back in 2013.