"Proud" Steven Spielberg Applauds Youth Speakers at March for Our Lives

Steven Spielberg - Ready Player One - Getty - H 2018
Michael Tran/Getty

"Emma Gonzalez's six and-a-half minutes of silence was profound," the 'Ready Player One' director said.

Steven Spielberg was among the numerous celebrities who attended the massive March for Our Lives on Saturday, and he is in awe of the young people who are leading the rally cry for gun control. 

Speaking Monday to the Associated Press on the Los Angeles red carpet for his upcoming film, Ready Player One, the Oscar-winning director said he is proud of the teen activists, many of whom are students from Parkland, Fla., where the most-recent high school massacre took place last month. 

Spielberg told the AP he and his wife, Kate Capshaw, attended the Washington, D.C., event, but "weren't in the mash" of the throng of attendees and were "off to the side." 

"We were so proud of every speaker," he said. "And Emma Gonzalez's six and-a-half minutes of silence was profound. Everybody was crying."

Gonzalez is among a handful of students from Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School to have become the face of the most recent push for gun control in America. 

Asked if he thought this most recent movement would be successful for stricter gun control laws, Spielberg said, "College students helped stopped the Vietnam War, maybe high school students can do something about gun control." 

Ready Player One opens Thursday.