Steven Spielberg's 'Robopocalypse' to Shoot in Montreal

"Robopocalypse" by Daniel Wilson
Courtesy of Doubleday

By Daniel Wilson (Doubleday)
Movie rights to Amblin/DreamWorks

Wilson's book about a rogue artificial-intelligence program called Archos that enlists the mundane robots of modern life -- cruise control in cars, talking toy dolls -- to wage war against humans is the sci-fi read of the summer. Sure, there are bits and pieces of Terminator, World War Z and Michael Crichton here, but Wilson, who has a Ph.D. in robotics, adds realism. Steven Spielberg is fast-tracking this for a 2013 release, with Drew Goddard (Lost) penning the script.

VIDEO: Daniel Wilson discusses Robopocalypse


The sci-fi thriller screen adaptation will be shot in Quebec in summer 2012, ahead of a July 3, 2013 global release.

TORONTO - Steven Spielberg will shoot his sci-fi thriller Robopocalypse in Montreal in summer 2012.

"It’s something we’ve been working on for three years with DreamWorks and Fox. A lot of places wanted the next Spielberg sci-fi movie,” Quebec film commissioner Hans Fraikin said Wednesday.

Montreal beat out rival locales like Michigan and Oklahoma to snag the Robopocalypse shoot.

Spielberg earlier shot The Terminal in Montreal and parts of Catch Me If You Can in Quebec City, which doubled as Marseilles.

The Canadian shoot comes ahead of a July 3, 2013 global release for the DreamWorks picture, to be released domestically by Disney and internationally by Fox.

Robopocalypse is based on the book of the same name by Daniel H. Wilson.

The sci-fi epic will be shot at Mel's Cité du Cinema studio in Montreal, and follows Quebec introducing a generous all-spend tax credit and additional digital tax credits for Hollywood film and TV shoots.

Pre-production on Robopocalypse is set to start in March 2012, with cameras to roll from July to September.