5 Times Stevie Nicks Epitomized Boho Goddess

Stevie Nicks in 2006

In honor of the legendary Fleetwood Mac singer's 67th birthday.

Before we had Florence Welch bewitching fans with her boho-gypsy aura, there was Stevie Nicks, the undisputed original songstress loved for both her singular style and iconic voice. To celebrate the Fleetwood Mac singer’s 67th birthday on May 26 — which she shares with fellow legends Miles Davis and Lenny Kravitz — we look back at five of Nicks' most unique looks over the years.

From her silk robe and leather vest to her embroidered skirt and amazing belt, Stevie Nicks — pictured here with Fleetwood Mac's Lindsey Buckingham in Beverly Hills circa 1975 — is the picture of '70s boho perfection.

The queen of velvet wears it head-to-toe in burgundy, along with natural curls (Sex and the City's Carrie Bradshaw may have taken a cue from her) in 1979.

Nicks donned a velvet jacket, choker and long black skirt — a piece that's become synonymous with the performer — for a concert at Wembley Stadium in London in 1980.

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In 1989, Nicks' stage look was as embellished and ornamented as ever — and her hair was at its most voluminous.

The bohemian icon did her thing during a 2008 concert in a suitably embellished black dress, red fringed wrap and her trademark bangs.