Sting and Jimmy Fallon Sing Sexy Texts to Each Other on 'Tonight Show'

Andrew Lipovsky/NBC
Sting, Jimmy Fallon

"I'd get out of bed and go get cereal."

On Wednesday night, The Tonight Show host Jimmy Fallon found a way to make one of the sexiest rock stars — Sting — seem like a guy who just eats cereal in bed.

The former Police lead singer indulged Fallon in one of his new bits, "First Textual Experience," in which the pair crooned decidedly unsexy couple conversations to each other about breakfast in bed, lost wallets and a guy named Tim, who is not getting the response he's looking for from his intended.

Sting also chatted with Jimmy about his new album, 57th and 9th, which was inspired by his walk to work while recording the songs in Hell's Kitchen.

"It's my civic right," Sting said when Fallon questioned whether such a big star can stroll the city's streets unmolested. "I like to walk. It's a privilege." And yes, people do yell "Roxanne!" at him all the time.

Watch the videos below.

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