Sting: "We Are, by Accident, Creating the Soundtrack for People's Emotional Life" | Songwriter Oscar Roundtable

"That's a huge privilege. We did it by accident. None of us set out to do that, we were there for the glory and the spotlight."

When Sting first was approached to write a song for Jim: The James Foley Story, he said, "I can't write a song about this. I cannot write a song. It's just too emotional, it's too intense. I think you've got the wrong guy."

"It was actually Thanksgiving, and I thought, 'What would it be like to lose a member of my family? To have a member of my family in captivity? Or to be that member of captivity? What would be the thing that could unify us?' and I thought, 'Well, we'd leave a chair empty for that person.' " From this, Sting was able to write the film's song, "The Empty Chair," he told The Hollywood Reporter during the Songwriter Oscar Roundtable.

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