Sting Working on New Musical

Peter Maukas/AFP/Getty Images

The British singer is teaming up with "Next to Normal's" Brian Yorkey on "The Last Ship."

Sting is teaming up with Tony Award-winning book writer and lyricist Brian Yorkey, best known for Next to Normal, for a new musical, The Last Ship, the New York Times reports.

The Last Ship features music and lyrics written by Sting and a book by Yorkey, who will direct the production, according to a casting breakdown being sent around. No official synopsis was provided, though the character descriptions indicate that the production is set in the city of Newcastle in the 1980s.

Lead character Gideon is said to be a "charismatic, charming, cynical, worldly-wise" man in his thirties, who is "quick to buy a round or throw a fist" but "slow to open his heart." He is a Newcastle native. Other characters in The Last Ship include Gideon's brother Michael, Gideon's ex-girlfriend Meg, a parish priest and Meg's husband Arthur.

Yorkey told the Times that The Last Ship is in early stages, saying it's in a "throw it up against the wall and see what sticks" phase, admitting that it's "Sting's first foray into writing for musical theater so we wanted to start having him meet actors and hear them sing at the earliest possible point."

The production will likely feature new songs by Sting, rather than reaching into his catalogue of hits. "He's written a couple dozen, maybe 20, 24, amazing new songs for the show," Yorkey says, bere adding that the project is "different."