Stone casts vote for 'Bush'


Oliver Stone, who has made films about the assassination of John F. Kennedy and the presidency of Richard Nixon, will next turn his attention to George W. Bush.

Josh Brolin is attached to play the president in the project, titled "Bush."

Stone is looking to secure financing for a script by Stanley Weiser, who co-wrote "Wall Street" with Stone and who also penned the 2003 telefilm "Rudy: The Rudy Giulianai Story."

Stone hopes to begin production on "Bush" as early as the spring in order to release the film by the fall election. But securing financing in the midst of an election cycle in which even the Republican candidates for the presidency are distancing themselves from Bush could present a challenge if the film is to be completed before Bush fades from the scene.

Moritz Borman, who served as a producer on both Stone's "Alexander" and "World Trade Center," and John Kilik, another of "Alexander's" producers, are on board to produce.

Kilik also was to have produced Stone's My Lai massacre film "Pinkville," which United Artists put on hold in November citing the need for further script revisions, though skeptics also suggested that the company lost confidence in the politically themed project after the boxoffice failure of "Lions for Lambs."