Stone Temple Pilots shooting for tour

New music may be in the offing

DETROIT -- Some new Stone Temple Pilots music may be in the offing, but it's not likely to surface until after the reunited rockers finish touring this year.

"I think new material will come probably after this tour," bassist Robert DeLeo said. "I think the whole thing now is kind of getting back and re-acclimating ourselves to the songs that we know. I think that's gonna make for a better atmosphere and better performances ... instead of doing a new record.

"Then, after this tour finishes, I think we're gonna be in a position where we've gotten to know each other again, and I think it's gonna be time to hit the studio."

DeLeo said he and his brother, STP guitarist Dean DeLeo, are "always, always, always" working on new songs and often think of whether they'd be material suited to STP. "There's always stuff brewing," he said.

For now, however, the group is focused on rehearsing for the tour, which -- following a surprise show this month at the Houdini Estate in Los Angeles, which may be released as a DVD -- begins May 17 at the Rock on the Range festival in Columbus, Ohio, and is due to wrap up Aug. 31 at the Bumbershoot Festival in Seattle. DeLeo said the outing is "a pretty big goal," but he's optimistic that the band is up for the challenge.

"In our prime we didn't get through fourth months of touring," he said with a laugh. "It's a pretty big bite, but I think there's a lot more clarity this time around and a lot more wisdom to go along with the music itself.

"I personally think it's gonna make for a better atmosphere. I think we're just keeping an open attitude and trying to enjoy this for once or twice or three times in my career out of all the times we've been together. It'd be great to enjoy this, y'know? I think we all deserve it. We all earned it."

STP also is soliciting fan requests and suggestions for its tour song list at the group's official Web site.