Stork delays Lars von Trier's 'Antichrist'

Preproduction halted when bird nests in field

CANNES -- Contentious Palme d'Or winner Lars von Trier has finally found his match -- in a German stork.

Preproduction preparation on von Trier's upcoming "The Antichrist" was briefly brought to a standstill when a stork decided to nest in the German field the Danish director has chosen as the main location for his new drama.

Von Trier is not known for either great flexibility or much concern for animal welfare (John C. Reilly famously pulled out of the helmer's "Manderlay" after the director had a horse killed on set).

But this time, Germany's animal protection laws proved more than a match. As Filmstiftung NRW head Michael Schmid-Ospach announced at a lunch in Cannes on Monday, the intransigent helmer von Trier has backed off and found another suitable German field to shoot in.

"Antichrist" will start shooting in the summer. It will be the first film von Trier has shot outside of his native Scandinavia.