Storm Reid, Marjorie Harvey and More Honored at Ladylike Foundation Luncheon

Storm Reid - Getty - H 2019
Rodin Eckenroth/Getty Images

The spirit of giving and female empowerment emanated through the Sunday luncheon.

Being a lady, for many, may mean sitting pretty, being beautiful and embodying elegance. But for the attendees at the Ladylike Foundation Luncheon, being a lady means so much more. 
“They’re well-rounded women. They’re intelligent, they’re articulate in the STEM field, mathematics, they are dancers, they paint, they are well rounded,” Ladylike Founder Leah Pump told The Hollywood Reporter.
Pump said that the Ladylike Foundation seeks to empower young women in underserved communities throughout Los Angeles. The Sunday luncheon, which honored various excellent women, including Wrinkle in Time actress Storm Reid and singer Jordin Sparks, took place at The Beverly Hilton’s International Ballroom. 
Reid, who will join the cast of the Invisible Man remake and also stars in HBO’s Euphoria, spoke with THR about her honor.
The 15 year-old actress encouraged young women to stay true to themselves as they seek success. She said that society tends to put pressure on young women trying to find themselves.
“I just want them to know that you are beautiful, you are worthy, you are worthy of being seen and heard,” she said. “Don’t try to diminish yourself for society or to what society wants you to be.”
The luncheon, which commenced with a dance number by some of the Foundation’s girls, focused primarily on raising funds to help the organization continue carrying out its mission. 
Other notable attendees like Martin Lawrence, Tina Knowles, Cookie and Earvin “Magic” Johnson donated to Ladylike, which will continue to use its funds to empower young women by providing them with resources like college scholarships. 
The spirit of giving however, didn’t just contain itself at the event’s fundraising portion. 
Marjorie Harvey, the afternoon’s Woman of Excellence honoree, spoke with THR about her philanthropic work.
“It’s about making sure these young women are equipped with what they need to succeed,” she said.
Upon receiving her award during the luncheon, Harvey made sure to equip one of the Foundation’s girls with such resources. When the co-head of The Steve & Marjorie Harvey Foundation, wife of TV star Steve Harvey, accepted her award she extended her generosity to high school student Aramoni Shanelle Gumbs.
Harvey stated that she and her husband would “gladly” pay the students’ college tuition in full. She even offered Gumbs, who said she rode the bus from Long Beach to The Beverly Hilton, a ride home. 
“This is what it’s about,” Harvey said to a standing ovation and waves of applause. 
Gumbs spoke to THR about Harvey’s unexpected act of generosity. She said that the support was nothing she could have imagined and will open doors for her. 
“I really have the opportunity to be anything, anyone I want to be,” she said.
She also wants to take the opportunity to be an example for those who are experiencing the same hardships and lack of opportunity. 
Gumbs, who said she comes from within the foster care system, said that she hopes people can see the opportunities organizations like the Ladylike Foundation can bring. 
“I just want to be an example. I just want to give hope to people who are in the same situation as I was,” she said. “Lift my people up.”