Stormy Daniels Details Trump Romp, Death Threats in New Memoir

From her infamous encounter with Trump at Lake Tahoe to getting death threats from Michael Cohen, the adult film star tells all about her journey from troubled Louisiana child to household name in her book 'Full Disclosure.'

Stormy Daniels is telling all in her new memoir, Full Disclosure, which hit bookshelves Tuesday.

In a candid account of her life, Daniels (whose real name is Stephanie Clifford) details her difficult childhood, her journey to adult film superstardom and the infamous encounter with President Donald Trump that has caused a media, political and legal frenzy.

Daniels famously claimed that Trump’s former lawyer, Michael Cohen, paid her off prior to the 2016 election to stay quiet about her alleged affair with the president. Her claim was vindicated when Cohen pleaded guilty to campaign-finance violations in August. Daniels has been outspoken about the death threats she and her daughter have received since sparking a legal battle with the Trump world. 

From revealing the sexual abuse she experienced as a child to exposing Trump’s alleged manipulation to cast her on The Apprentice, The Hollywood Reporter takes a look at some of Daniels' narrated accounts in her new book. Here are the takeaways.

Daniels was sexually assaulted at age nine. 

Daniels chronicles her time growing up in Louisiana when she became best friends with a neighbor she calls "Vanessa," to protect her identity. Because Vanessa was a year-and-a-half younger than her, Daniels felt like an “older sister” to the girl. After learning Vanessa would routinely spend time at her neighbor’s house, Daniels decided to join her, only to learn that Vanessa was raped by the 40-year-old man with whom she would "watch films." Daniels says she then volunteered to be sexually assaulted by the man as a way of protecting her younger friend. “It was the start of two years of this man sexually assaulting me. He was raping Vanessa, so I put myself between them, continually offering myself up so he would leave her alone,” she writes. 

Her mother didn’t report the sexual assault to police. 

After the police visited Daniels’ family home to ask whether their neighbor has ever engaged in anything inappropriate with Daniels, she lied and refused to admit the truth. Though wanting to come clean, Daniels recalls her mother pleading that if she were to let the police into their chaotic home, then they would take her away from her mother's care. “I am a terrible liar, and my mother knew it," she writes. "She just didn’t want to let the police see how we were living." Daniels never revealed the assault she endured from her neighbor, nor did her mother ever inquire about what truly happened. 

Her infamous photograph with Donald Trump was not a “big deal.” 

Daniels — who was in a contract with Wicked Pictures at the time — attended the American Century Celebrity Golf Championship at Lake Tahoe in July 2006 because Wicked was sponsoring a hole. Alongside other contract girls, Daniels explained that their job was to say hello and offer celebrities water or snacks. Celebrities could also have an opportunity to take a photo with them. When the tournament was over, Daniels and Trump met at the Wicked booth that served as a gifting suite for guests. That was when Daniels took her infamous photograph with Trump that made headlines among media outlets. “I know everyone has made a big deal of that picture, but I have that same one with 20 other celebrities that day. Trump kept going and I didn’t think anything of it,” she writes. 

Trump’s invitation to dinner had Daniels listening to his “pretentious” bragging. 

Daniels says she did not meet with Trump to have an affair, but rather accepted a dinner invitation to discuss business opportunities. After first entering his penthouse at the resort, Daniels recalls seeing Trump wearing black silk pajamas and slippers, and demanding that he put clothes on. Shocked by her discomfort, Daniels explains that Trump immediately changed into a suit. It was then that Daniels says her conversation with Trump was merely listening to him make “one pretentious brag after another" about himself and his accomplishments. 

Daniels only spanked Trump with a magazine to get him to stop talking. 

After Trump asked Daniels whether she had seen his Forbes magazine cover, Daniels — who says she was upset that they were not having dinner as originally intended — grabbed the magazine to cease having to listen to him “brag” about himself. “It was a power moment, not at all sexual,” she explains. “It was me being pissed off and him being shocked and neither of us wanting to back down from a challenge.” 

Daniels insists that Trump's comparing her to his daughter Ivanka was a compliment and not a “sexual conversation” as implied in reports. 

Despite claims that Trump's comparing her to his daughter was intended to be “sexual,” Daniels says that was simply not the case. Daniels recalls his words being, “You remind me of my daughter. You’re smart, you’re beautiful. You’re just like her. You’re a woman to be reckoned with.” Daniels then recalls Trump praising his daughter and says she never perceived his compliment as being “perverted.” 

Trump wanted Daniels to be on The Apprentice and used that as bait to stay in contact. 

During their meet-up, Daniels recalls Trump telling her that he thought she would be a “huge” star if she were to join The Apprentice. After telling him that because of her career she would never be allowed on the show, Daniels says Trump explained that he was allowed a “wild card” each season, where he could select anyone to be on the show. Daniels and Trump talked on the phone for six months, only for the former reality TV host to tell her that the only way he could get her on the show is if he were to give her the challenges “beforehand” so she could “devise” her “technique” before any of the other contestants. The ploy was to ensure that Daniels remained on the show rather than get voted off immediately. 

Trump insisted he and Melania had "separate bedrooms."

After Daniels asked Trump what his wife Melania would think of her being with him for dinner, Trump told her to not “worry about that” and that it wouldn’t be a “big deal” because they “have separate bedrooms.” 

The sexual encounter lasted "two to three minutes."

Daniels writes that after using the restroom, she came out to find Trump “perched on the edge” of his bed. That was the moment she writes became an “out-of-body experience” and she recalled him being a “terrible kisser.” Daniels also reveals that their intercourse only lasted “two to three minutes” and was the “least impressive” she’s ever had. Afterward, Daniels recalls Trump calling her “Honey Bunch” as a nickname from then on. 

Daniels details Trump's private parts.

As has already been excerpted and published, Daniels describes Trump's penis as being “like the mushroom character in Mario Kart.” Daniels also describes him as being "smaller than average" and as having “Yeti pubes.” 

Daniels questions details of Karen McDougal’s claim of her affair with Trump. 

Daniels insists that there were “no signs” that McDougal — the former Playboy Playmate whom Trump met in June 2006 and who claims she had an affair with the president — was ever present in Trump’s Lake Tahoe room: “I didn’t smell a woman. There were no tampons, no makeup wipes.” Daniels says that while she does not “dispute” any of McDougal’s claim, there were “no signs whatsoever” that she was meeting with Trump in the same room as Daniels.

Trump might have attempted to set Daniels up with NFL quarterback Ben Roethlisberger.  

Hoping that he would stay true to his word in giving her a spot on The Apprentice, Daniels met up with Trump again at a nightclub in her Lake Tahoe hotel. After meeting him, she noticed he was joined by Pittsburg Steeler quarterback Ben Roethlisberger. Though Trump kept insisting they needed to discuss The Apprentice, Daniels recalls Trump having to leave to engage in business calls. It was then that he requested Roethlisberger escort her to her room being that it was late and “people were drunk,” she writes. Daniels claims that upon reaching her room, Roethlisberger kept trying to join her in her room and she says she closed the door on him as he repeatedly said, “I won’t tell.” Though unsure, Daniels hints that Trump might’ve sent her up with Roethlisberger on purpose after recalling him telling the quarterback, “What did I tell you about this one?” after Daniels made both of them laugh. “I have no way of knowing, and I don’t want to speculate,” she writes of the frightening ordeal. 

Daniels overheard a phone conversation Trump had with Hillary Clinton. 

While meeting with Trump, Daniels claims that he received a phone call from Hillary Clinton, who, at the time, was running up against Barack Obama for the Democratic nomination. According to Daniels, Trump and Clinton engaged in a conversation about the race, “repeatedly mentioning ‘our plan.'” Daniels says they also discussed the possibility of taking a family trip together. After hanging up, Daniels recalls Trump saying, “I love her,” and describing Clinton as being “so smart.” 

Daniels didn’t get a slot on The Apprentice casting because of Roma Downey. 

Daniels claims that Trump informed her via phone that she couldn’t join The Apprentice because Roma Downey, the wife of Apprentice executive producer Mark Burnett, was going to have a “huge problem” with her being on the show. This was the final time Daniels and Trump were in contact. 

Daniels refused help from Gloria Allred. 

After being introduced to entertainment manager Gina Rodriguez, Daniels says she was asked to speak with her partner, women's rights attorney Gloria Allred. After the notorious lawyer contacted Daniels for her “story,” Daniels refused to say anything. 

Daniels did not approach InTouch magazine with her story.

Daniels learned of her Trump story leaking to The Dirty gossip site via Rodriguez, who had her attorney Keith Davidson send them a letter to take down the story. Later on, Daniels was contacted by InTouch regarding her Trump story, but she refused to comment. Daniels claims the magazine threatened to run the story regardless after learning about it from “someone else” whom Daniels has no knowledge of. Daniels only agreed to do the interview because she was running out of money and also had to complete a lie detector test for it. 

Daniels recorded a video message saying goodbye to her daughter amid threats. 

After coming forward in an interview with Anderson Cooper on 60 Minutes, Daniels received threats such as, “Your child should be euthanized.” Fearful for her and her family’s safety, Daniels recorded a video message addressed to her then seven-year-old daughter in case something were to happen to her. 

Daniels didn't report Trump threat as a means to keep the meeting a secret from husband. 

After her InTouch magazine interview, Daniels recalled being approached by a gentleman in a parking lot and threatened. Despite being frightened, Daniels didn’t go to the police because her report would be public and she hadn’t informed her husband about her encounter with Trump years prior. 

After signing an NDA for $130,000 from Michael Cohen, Daniels bought a horse trailer. 

The money was wired to Daniels’ husband’s account to avoid any red flags if anyone were to look at Daniels’ bank records. Daniels says that she used the money to buy a new horse trailer.  

The Wall Street Journal article caused Daniels to hide in a New Jersey hotel. 

Daniels was out of town when the WSJ reported on Cohen arranging a payoff for her silence. With a media frenzy soon following, Daniels hid in a hotel in New Jersey for 48 hours with no food to avoid being seen in public.

Jimmy Kimmel offered Daniels an entire episode dedicated to her. 

Prior to making an appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live!, Daniels received another statement to sign after Cohen reached out to Davidson. After panicking because she was recently threatened, Daniels purposely signed the statement with her stage name rather than her legal name. “I wanted to signal there was something amiss here,” she writes. Daniels also mentions that she was “scared” after Kimmel brought up the difference in signatures but behind the scenes he knew she was “railroaded.” After her appearance, Daniels says that Kimmel offered to dedicate a whole show to her when she was ready to speak and also donated to her legal fund. 

Daniels has "crazy respect" for Meghan McCain. 

While making an appearance on The View, Daniels recalls Meghan McCain telling her she thinks Daniels was using her Trump story as a “publicity stunt.” Daniels says she liked that McCain had the nerve to be blunt with her, unlike the other hosts. Daniels says she has “crazy respect” for McCain and that she would be most excited to see her should she return to the show. 

Daniels uncovered behind-the-scenes manipulation from her attorney and Cohen. 

Despite appearing to help her, Daniels learned that her former attorney Davidson was in contact with Cohen and that they strategized media appearances for Daniels to “discredit” her story to the public. Daniels and Avenatti later filed a lawsuit against both of them, using 17 text messages between Cohen and Davidson as evidence.