This Is What Matt Damon Learned From Having A Ponytail

AP Images/Invision
Matt Damon

More hair, more problems.

When we saw Matt Damon at the recent premiere of The Martian, he looked his usual handsome self, and we almost forgot that the last time he was seen it was with a ponytail. But Graham Norton didn’t forget.

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The British talk show host brought up the actor’s hairdo (which has its own Twitter account) when he appeared on the show this week alongside costar Jessica Chastain, and we learned just what went into what many have called a glorious look. "I did a movie in China and I was there for about five months with that thing, and then we did a press conference at the very end," said Damon of the ponytail that he reveals was in fact very elaborate hair extensions.

"There are 700 hair extensions, it was a full day to put them in," he said, noting that a "wonderful woman" added them all day one Sunday in Beijing. "And then I had to manage it. I have a whole new appreciation for my wife and daughters — it’s very hard to do."

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With that many extensions, Damon probably had an experience more akin to a Kardashian than a typical woman, but still, it’s nice when a man can appreciate what women go through. The movie star also got a taste of the objectification that comes with lovely locks when Norton read out some tweets fans wrote in regards to his hair. One tweet threatened that a woman’s ovaries might explode if he ever put it in a topknot, to which Damon blushed and laughed, "No, I won’t do that."