'Strange' deal reunites Katz, GreeneStreet


NEW YORK -- GreeneStreet Films and producer Ross Katz are reteaming to create a feature adaptation of John Searles' offbeat mystery novel "Strange but True."

GreeneStreet purchased Searles' screenplay and film rights to the author's 2004 sophomore book and plans to finance the project. It will bring the production company behind "A Prairie Home Companion" together with Katz ("Marie Antoinette") for the third time, after Todd Field's 2001 drama "In the Bedroom" and their upcoming adaptation of "Adverbs," Daniel Handler's romantic novel revolving around gay and straight affairs.

New York-based Katz brought GreeneStreet the "Strange" project, which begins when a teenager's girlfriend arrives at his family's home five years after his death insisting that she is pregnant with his child.

Searles is deputy editor of Cosmopolitan magazine. His writing credits include the coming-of-age novel "Boy Still Missing." The author recently signed a two-book contract with HarperCollins and is now at work on his third novel.

GreeneStreet's upcoming projects include "Wedding Daze" (formerly known as "The Pleasure of Your Company"), set for release this year through MGM.

CAA brokered the script deal with Vicki Cherkas, GreeneStreet head of business affairs, business development and new ventures, and in conjunction with Cherkas made the book rights deal with Joanna Pulcini Literary Management.