Creative Spaces: Strange Weather Films Opens Silver Lake Offices

Steve King Architectural Imaging

"Shrek" producer Aron Warner and director Andrew Adamson find a new sweet spot that's cutting-edge and cozy.

Forget super-sleek, seamless creative spaces. When longtime friends and collaborators Aron Warner and Andrew Adamson -- the team behind Oscar winner Shrek and The Chronicles of Narnia -- went looking for a creative clubhouse for their own production company, Strange Weather Films, they opted for a modern take on the cozy cabin. Think knotty pine meets quilted steel, and lots of rustic materials mixed in with super high-tech touches.

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Architect Michael Ferguson of Space International (who counts L.A.’s fleet of Kitson stores among his many projects) helmed the high-contrast project, which involved a complete renovation of a boxy 1960s building in Silver Lake’s Sunset Junction. Ferguson included lots of comfortable/creative spaces like the library/lounge, where wrap-around knotty pine strikes stylish tension with jumbo flat screens and disappearing glass walls. Also included in the space is a 12-seat, 3D projection theater, as well as a central video conference room with a series of glass walls that can collapse into the interior surrounding walls.

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From the street, the look is similarly cozy and cutting-edge, with the upper half of the structure clad in horizontal logs and the lower half covered in the structure’s original diamond-shaped brick, painted a matte black. A “rebar hedge” works as the ultimate industrial landscape, and doubles as both a visual and security screen.

Warner and Adamson say that they will use the space along with Strange Weather Films’ development executive Jeffrey Fierson to explore and develop independent projects not directly involved with Dreamworks’ projects. Strange Weather Films was the production company for 2012’s Cirque du Soleil: Worlds Away and is currently working on the animated feature Beasts of Burden.