'Stranger Things' Comes to Topshop, Target

Courtesy of Netflix

More merch more fun.

The latest trend to sweep the fashion industry? Netflix's Stranger Things, apparently. 

Stranger Things graphic tee featuring the show's preteen stars (who are quite fashionable themselves, by the way) made its way down the Louis Vuitton runway in Paris a few weeks ago. Though sadly, the haute horror tee won't be produced and sold — the spooky, '80s-set thriller is getting the fast-fashion treatment, inking a deal with Topshop. 

Through their new partnership, Topshop and Topman will stock a 28-piece capsule collection of Stranger Things-themed merch, arriving in select stores in the U.K. and online Oct. 20, according to WWD. Additionally, Topshop and Topman will host special screenings of the first two episodes at the London flagship the day before the official season two release. 


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Merchandise is rife with opportunity for Netflix — as evidenced by a stunt pulled by the company's CEO, Reed Hastings, during a recorded video chat with a business analyst Monday, where he showed off a Stranger Things "ugly" holiday sweater featuring the string lights and alphabet which play a pivotal role in the first season (and Winona Ryder's career comeback) of the show.

According to Hastings, Stranger Things merch is also doing well at Target, which stocks themed backpacks, lunch boxes, action figures and yes, his ugly red sweater ($33). 

"We’re learning how to do merchandising," he said. "We’ve got some amazing displays and amazing materials out at Target."

Streaming services may have found their next frontier with merch, reaching high (Louis Vuitton) and low (Target) to reach fans at every spending level. Earlier this summer, Hulu teamed up with buzzy fashion collective Vaquera to create a collection inspired by the hit drama The Handmaid's Tale, as well as a handful of indie artists who created goods for fans. If the tour merch craze has proved anything, it's that everyone likes a good branded tee. 

Stranger Things returns for season 2 on Oct. 28.