'Stranger Things' Star Gaten Matarazzo on Discovering His Onscreen Chemistry With Joe Keery

"It came out of nowhere," Matarazzo said of Dustin and Steve's bonding in season two. "It really just happened because it needed to happen, and people seemed to really like it."

The highly anticipated third season of Netflix's Stranger Things made its debut on the streaming platform Thursday.

Fans will be happy to see not only the return of the show's famous stars, but also the reunion of Dustin (Gatan Matarazzo) and Steve (Joe Keery), a fan-favorite pairing that developed during the show's second season.

Matarazzo sat down with The Hollywood Reporter In Studio to discuss discovering his onscreen chemistry with Joe Keery, saying their bond "came out of the blue."

"No one ever expected it. Neither did me and Joe, at all. In the middle of season two, as they were writing, they realized that me and Steve had nowhere to go. It was pretty much our characters were at a dead end in the plot, and there was really only one path for each of them to go on to continue their story," Matarazzo explained to THR.

"And then they realized that if we brought them together, it would create another storyline and it would give purpose to get them to a new place and time. They were actually dealing with similar things at that point in the story, so it was actually really cool. So those characters had something in common that they could bond over."

Matarazzo goes on to discuss filming with Keery and the development of the new onscreen pairing, saying, "It wasn't anything like it was a new duo. It just happened because it needed to happen. And then people just seemed to really like it."

Season three of Stranger Things is now streaming on Netflix.