'Stranger Things' Meets 'Peanuts' in Christmas-Themed Video

A Stranger Things Christmas - Screenshot - H - 2016

"That's what happiness is all about in the end — the people who truly care about you. The folks who would do anything to get you out of a creepy parallel swamp universe."

As far as X-meets-Y viral videos go, Merry Christmas Will Byers is pretty tough to resist. The new three-minute short, created by Leigh Lahav and Oren Mendez, envisions the kids from the Netflix breakout sci-fi series Stranger Things as characters in the animated Peanuts universe, set (of course) to the Vince Guaraldi score from A Charlie Brown Christmas.

In the clip, a post-first-season Will Byers attempts to get to the source of his continued anxiety since being saved from the Upside Down, seeking psychiatric counsel from an unhelpful Eleven and receiving a typically unintelligible wah-wah response when asking his mom, Joyce, for help. Eventually, he realizes that his friends have aided him simply by being there for him — unlike poor Barb, who stays being eaten alive by maggots. ("Good... grief.") And before you ask: Yes, there is a dance number set to the show's now-iconic synth-goth theme song.

All that's missing is a scene were Eleven telekinetically pulls the football away as Will tries to kick it. Watch below.

This story originally appeared on Billboard.com.