'Stranger Things' Star Dacre Montgomery on Billy's "Redemptive" Season 3 Storyline

The actor also discusses his most "challenging" scene to film in season three, saying, "I was covered head to toe in cuts and bruises, and I took all the skin off the top of my toes."

[This story contains major spoilers for season three of Netflix's Stranger Things.]

Stranger Things star Dacre Montgomery opens up to The Hollywood Reporter In Studio on Billy's dark journey throughout season three of the Netflix series, saying, "I feel it was a great season, even though we see Billy immersed in this fantastical sci-fi component this season."

Breaking down how he took on Billy’s sinister character arc as the human host for the evil Mind Flayer, the actor tells THR, "I tried to treat it like he's possessed. He's Billy the Flayed or whatever, but I did a lot of study on people with bipolar split disorder and how one personality has the spot and control over the being, and how the other personality can be suppressed. And in this season, I try to treat Billy like a lacky band and he's so taut and torn."

"I try to play the Flayed Billy, my physicality, and the real Billy behind the eyes, and in the end, we see that lacky band snap," he continued. "I think it's actually a really redemptive ending and a really fantastic payoff for the character, and I’m lucky that I have that arc. Lucky to be a part of the series."

Montgomery showed off his stunt work through season three, and opens up to In Studio about his most "challenging" scene to film during episode four.

"There's a scene in episode four in the sauna, and it's [a] hugely physical and emotional scene halfway through the season. I took all my prosthetics and my wig and everything off at the end of the week of shooting that scene. I was covered head to toe in cuts and bruises, and I took all the skin off the top of my toes," he explains. “I just kind of invest in it. It's so much fun in a lot of ways."

Season three of Stranger Things is now streaming on Netflix.