Meet an Emmy Nominee: 'Stranger Things' Star David Harbour

"The fact it translated so big was such a surprise, and it was also just really gratifying," Harbour says of his hit Netflix show.

Two days before the Emmy nominations were announced, Stranger Things star David Harbour did some research on a bunch of websites (including The Hollywood Reporter) to see who pundits' top picks were for nominations. "I was nowhere on those lists," he joked to THR during a sit-down interview at this year's Comic-Con.

When asked where he was when he found out about his nomination for outstanding supporting actor in a drama series, he said "I was asleep."

"I don't really care about awards in that way, it's so selfish," he elaborates. "It's like, I love what I do and it's such an honor and a privilege to get to do what I do." Which is why on the day of the nominations announcement, he made the decision to sleep in and stay off social media.

But Harbour is thrilled about Stranger Things' 19 noms and getting to continue exploring the series' characters for another season. "I'm not proud of a lot things I do, but I'm so proud of this and I thought it was so special," he said.

Watch the entire interview in the video above.

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