StreamElements Launches Fund for Twitch Creators in Marginalized Groups

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Patrick Shanley

The Creator Diversity Fund is designed to reach the Black and LGBTQ communities as well as women, people of color, and individuals with disabilities.

Cloud based streaming platform StreamElements on Thursday unveiled a $100,000 fund to assist Twitch content creators in underrepresented groups with professional services.

The Creator Diversity Fund, which will be divided among 20 applicants worldwide who will receive approximately $5,000 each in custom graphics and services, is designed to reach the Black and LGBTQ communities as well as women, people of color and individuals with disabilities.

As part of the eligibility requirements, applicants must be active partner or affiliate streamers on Twitch and have plans to stream between 20 and 80 hours a month. The goal of the funding will be to ensure that the production value of each content creator's channel is elevated to maximize the engagement and monetization features offered by StreamElements.

"The challenges surrounding underrepresented groups have been prevalent for a long time, whether it’s dealing with sexism, racism, or other forms of prejudice,” said Doron Nir, CEO of StreamElements. "Although livestreaming is a very nascent industry, it provides the same hurdles for members of these groups. While our tools and services are free to use, our team also builds high impact custom graphics for many of the top creators in the industry which enables their channels to stand out."

He continued, "It is this level of production, design, and service we will be using to elevate the aesthetics and engagement of creators aspiring to be among those at the top, but are facing more adversity getting there."

Submissions are due Aug. 14, with winners notified on Aug. 31. Learn more about the fund here.