Streamer Haystack News Launches Live Channels, Including ABC News and CBSN

Haystack News
Courtesy of Haystack News

Haystack News

"Adding 24/7 live news is the culmination of an incredible 2020 for Haystack News," says CEO Daniel Barreto.

Just in time for the 2020 elections, advertising-supported streaming news provider Haystack News has launched 16 streaming channels for live viewing, including Disney's ABC News Live and ViacomCBS' CBSN.

"Offering a wide array of leading voices and perspectives and with more expected in the future, Haystack News has added ABC News Live and CBSN, in addition to Al Jazeera, Euronews, Newsmax, Yahoo Finance and select live local news broadcast stations across the U.S.," the company said. It has offered its users on-demand content from these providers in the past, but is now adding the live component.

The company, which allows users to access tailored local, national, and global news in video clip form, has curated and personalized stories from nearly 350 news providers, including more than 300 local broadcast channels.

Haystack's personalized news feed lets users pick topics they are interested in, and give thumbs ups or downs to news segments, in addition to topical streams, such as all coronavirus or election 2020 stories.

"Adding 24/7 live news is the culmination of an incredible 2020 for Haystack News," said co-founder and CEO Daniel Barreto. "Haystack News is now available on every major smart TV brand and streaming device."

He added: "Haystack News has proven its appeal to consumers and ad partners alike as the ultimate one-stop-shop for AVOD news, with surging growth and usage. The seamless integration of live viewing – our #1 most-requested option from consumers -– from ABC News Live, Euronews and so many other quality voices in local, national and world news fortifies Haystack News as the preferred AVOD news destination of choice."

Financial terms of the live viewing arragements weren't disclosed. Barreto previously told THR though that the company is using a revenue share model, saying that this aligns interests with its content partners and allows them to participate in any usage upside.

The CEO has also said that the firm was on track to "more than double watch time in 2020 to exceed millions of hours monthly." Earlier this year, Barreto told THR: "The key thing is we are riding a big wave, which is cord-cutting and the transition to over the top, and we have positioned ourselves as the AVOD news leader."

Investors in Haystack include the National Association of Broadcasters (NAB), Stanford University’s StartX Fund, Uhuru Capital, Zorlu Ventures, AltaIR Capital, and SVLinks. Its national and international content providers also include the likes of the Associated Press, Bloomberg, Cheddar, CNET, Gamespot, and Newsy.