Street Style: Cannes Edition

Neilson Barnard/Getty Images

The best of the Croisette.

The Vintage Expert
Age: 34
Resides in: Monaco
Occupation: Hotel de Paris employee
My look: "It’s a Dolce & Gabbana skirt and the bag is from Florence. I dress like this all the time. It’s my style. This is very normal for me. I like that it’s colorful, and I like wearing it together."

The Rising Star
Age: 18
Resides in: "I'm living in Cannes."
Occupation: Communications student
My look: "My style is like, sexy chic. It's a town where you can wear what you want, and that's why I like it here."

The Business Man
Age: 45
Resides in: Nice, France
Occupation: Professional banker
My look: "I would describe my style as classic. Dolce & Gabbana jeans, Prada shoes, Burberry belt and Zara T-shirt. It's fashion."

The Retail Darling
Age: 26
Occupation: Sandro Sales Assistant
My look: I'm wearing Sandro jacket, skirt by Sandro's sister brand Maje, and Alexander Wang top. I wanted to have elegant but also casual outfit that is very summery. Basically practical but also very elegant."

The Coachella Queen
Age: 24
Resides in: Lyon, "but I work in Paris."
Occupation: Model
My look: "It's Zara cardigan with Ugg shoes and the look is a little bit Coachella festival, you know. It's just a holiday outfit."

The Swagger Star
Name: Regis
Age: 16
Resides in: Paris
Occupation: Actor
My look: "I'm wearing a Chanel brooch, Saint Laruent shoes and Levi's jeans. The style is very country girl, or country boy. Cannes is different than Paris, which is very street and Cannes is extravagant so I brought eight suitcases."

The Bold Artist
Age: 25
Resides in: France
Occupation: Painter
My look: "The sweater is Manoush, the shorts are Sandro, the bag is Hermes and my sunglasses are Ray-Ban. I like bright colors and for the past two or three years, I've loved wearing green. I don't have a particular inspiration, but the weather is nice and I wanted to have some color."

The Dancers
Camilla, left, and Greta
Ages: 18, 22
Resides in: Lithuania
Occupation: Gotha Club employees.
Our Look: Camilla explains, matter-of-factly: "We're captains. It's fashion. We are like captains and we are models just walking around the city."