'Stretch': Behind-the-Scenes Footage Gives Look at How Sex Scenes Are Shot

Joe Carnahan's movie stars Patrick Wilson

So this is how a sex scene is shot.

Behind-the-scenes footage of Joe Carnahan's upcoming Stretch recently hit the Internet and gives viewers an inside look at a sex scene filmed between Patrick Wilson and Brooklyn Decker.

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The film stars Wilson as Kevin, a down-on-his-luck chauffeur who is struggling to go straight and pay off a gambling debt by taking on a job with an eccentric billionaire and catering to his every whim.

In this clip, Wilson and Decker are seen joking around, trying to make sure the other is comfortable before filming on the intimate moment begins.

"Nice! That was great! Do another one like that and we got it, I swear to God," the director says, adding: "That was a lot of fucking. Great fucking!"

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He then offers some more advice to the actors, who get sprayed down with some Evian.

Watch the clip below.

The film will be released on iTunes and Amazon on Tuesday before hitting video-on-demand a week later. Ed Helms, Jessica Alba, Chris Pine, Norman Reedus and Ray Liotta round out the cast. Carnahan directed from a script he co-wrote.