The 5 Stretchiest Leggings to Wear While You Binge Eat This Weekend

Kendall Jenner Leggings - P 2015

For Thanksgiving and beyond.

While we're generally loyal members of the no pants club, the winter chill has forced us to reconsider our options. Luckily, leggings exist, and though they're mostly intended for high-intensity exercise, we prefer to wear them for another high-intensity activity: Binge eating. 

Thanks to the athleisure trend, it's easy to find a pair of well-made (a.k.a. not see-through), cute, and, most importantly, stretchy leggings to pair with your favorite oversized sweater and boots this holiday. (See cozy Thanksgiving spirit animal Kendall Jenner, above). We guarantee even Grandma will approve.

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Plus, the best part about investing in a pair? You can wear them to the gym while you work off your third helping of potatoes. Or, you can also save them for next weekend when you inevitably scarf down the last half of pumpkin pie "before it goes bad." Your call.

Soft Legging; $38,

A low-rise, classic black pair of leggings not only pairs well with every sweater in your winter arsenal, but they're slimming and won't dig into your gut when you sit down. Win-win.

Wunder Under Pant III; $98,

Charcoal gray textured pants add a little pizzazz to your feasting ensemble. Plus, this Lululemon pair has added Lycra so it "bends with you." In other words, they'll make room for your food baby.

Cotton Spandex Jersey Legging; $28,

If, like us, you're on the sloppier side of the eating spectrum, we recommend maroon leggings to camouflage the inevitable cranberry and/or wine stains.

Metallic Bronze Snake Leggings; $48,

If you roll with a flashier crew, these gold leggings are certain to make a splash. 

3/4 Warmup Legging; $80,

For those living in warmer climates, a cropped legging is the perfect solution for the unseasonable heat. Pair with a low-heel sandal and an oversized cardigan for a look that will fool your Insta followers into thinking you're cozying up next to a fireplace.