Striiike Salon Debuts Hair Perm Service Without the Harsh Smell or Heat Tools

Striiike Salon's New Wave - Publicity - H 2017
Courtesy of Striiike Salon

The "New Wave" takes the technique of a traditional perm without the strong stench and super-tight spirals, leaving hair with a slight bend commonly categorized as "beach waves."

Forget the perm you proudly scrunched and sported through the '80s and '90s (chances are you may have already erased all evidence of it) — there's a new wave in town. Literally.

The Striiike salon in Beverly Hills, co-owned by celebrity makeup artist and hairstylist sisters Jenn, Kristie and Ashley Streicher (who count Emily Blunt, Mandy Moore and Kiernan Shipka among their clientele), has a new service that uses a similar technique to a traditional perm but without the harsh smell and super-tight spirals, leaving hair with a slight bend commonly categorized as "beach waves."

Striiike is calling the service the "New Wave" ($450) and one of the salon's hairstylists, Brianna Dunning, describes it as giving a consistent wave and body to the hair for that effortless, undone cool-girl look without having to use heat tools.

"We were finding that the majority of our clientele wants to wear their hair with a more effortless natural wave, without having to take time out of their day or risk the damaging effects of heat," says Dunning of the two-hourlong service. "Many people have a pretty decent texture but it's inconsistent, or they just want a little more oomph."

While the process might seem like a production, the effects can last anywhere from two-and-a-half to five months, depending on a person's hair texture and how often they are washing it. Not bad, considering you can jump out of bed or the shower with near-perfect summer waves. To get the shape, Dunning uses a long, bendy rod that's wrapped in varying sizes and directions, depending on the desired result. She adds that regardless of the size of the curl, she always tries to achieve something that looks cool and relaxed when air-dried. The solution used to keep the curl is something Dunning says is much gentler on the hair and void of that pungent perm-solution smell.

"The product can actually make an improvement to many different hair textures, including coarse hair," adds Dunning. For frizzy hair, the treatment can create more consistency and definition.

And like the perms of old, swimming can be an issue. "We aren't talking about the girls' weekend in Palm Springs," says Dunning. "But if you're a swimmer or surfer, it won't last as long." Besides avid swimmers and surfers, the hairstylist says that people who use bleach on their hair for all-over highlighting or an ombre effect are also not ideal candidates for the treatment.

For those who will be riding the New Wave this summer, product such as leave-in conditioner, serums and hold products are fair game. Or go au natural and rely on the summer breeze to get a truly effortless look.

Thankfully, with this type of "perm," there is no scrunching or scrunchies necessary. Talk about a more modern mane.