Stuart Weitzman Talks Designing Lady Gaga's Bowie Shoes 

Kevin Winter/WireImage
Lady Gaga

The shoe designer dishes on what it means to have his creations be a part of the epic tribute.

For her David Bowie tribute at Monday night's Grammy Awards, Lady Gaga paired her custom Marc Jacobs Kansai Yamamoto-inspired outfit with simple Stuart Weitzman white oxford shoes. Here, Weitzman spoke to us about working with the artist who is known for wearing his designs. 

What was the inspiration behind the shoes?

Her performance was a touching tribute to David Bowie and [for] his chic style, the Cuban heel menswear-inspired oxford I designed seemed like it belonged in his closet.

How does it feel to have had one of your designs be a part of this tribute? 

My desire was simply to give Lady Gaga what she needed to help feel the mood — it is certainly satisfying to know she felt my choice appropriate.

What are the challenges in designing for performance versus red carpet? 

Performance shoes are both for show as well as function. They are generally more unusual in design to balance the costume. Red-carpet shoes are simply just sexy.

STAR(WO)MAN: Lady Gaga performing a medley of David Bowie's songs at the 2016 Grammys. (Photo: Getty Images)

Lady Gaga has worn your designs before. Is this your favorite moment? 

Every moment with Gaga is a favorite moment!

What’s your favorite Bowie song? 

"Space Oddity." I loved the '70s. I was just out of college and when I hear his songs I think of that decade.

What does Lady Gaga mean to you?

Lady Gaga is an inspiration to anyone in any field. She exemplifies versatility and change in talent and personality.