Studio 2.0 pacts with RealNetworks


SEOUL -- South Korean film studio and multimedia company Studio 2.0 has announced video-on-demand deals with RealNetworks Inc., a leading creator of digital media services and software.

The first deal covers the Asia-Pacific region and is designed to explore the market's appetite for Korean movies in the online arena. From there, additional titles and regions are scheduled be added over time.

Studio 2.0 was created in April by the merger of Korean filmmaker Tube Entertainment with several media companies, including Media 2.0, Film 2.0, Oi Music and Media 2.0 already has seen success offering VOD services in Korea, but the RealNetworks deal will take Studio 2.0's VOD to a higher level thanks to the addition of RealNetworks' Real Player, one of the most popular media players for personal computers in the world.

Tube Entertainment was a pioneer in big-budget filmmaking in Korea, with such films as "2009 Lost Memories" and "Natural City."

More recently, it produced the profane animated comedy "Aatchi & Ssipak" and "Highway Star," a comedy about a young rock star forced to sing enka, Korea's version of country music.