Studio Canal Rebrands U.K. and German Operations

French owner bids goodbye to Kinowelt and Optimum branding.

AMSTERDAM - Studiocanal is aiming to strengthen its claim to be a true pan-European production and distribution giant with a rebranding of its subsidiaries Kinowelt and Optimum Releasing as Studiocanal.

Studiocanal acquired British indie Optimum in 2006 and Kinowelt two years later but the two divisions continued to operate under their own brands.

That will change in September this year, when all of Studio Canal's divisions will carry the same brand name and the same, newly designed, Studiocanal logo.

“We are already working together as one company across the three countries so this is a very natural evolution for Studiocanal," said company chairman Olivier Courson. "It will strengthen our status as the only European company in the U.K. France and Germany.  It will also provide clarity to all of our creative and business partners."

Courson claims it is a logical step for the company. "It stresses that we are a true European studio, that we are one brand, one team across Europe," he added.

The John Le Carre adaptation Tinker Tailor Solider Spy, directed by Alfredson Tomas and starring Gary Oldman, Colin Firth and Tom Hardy, will be the first title released by all of Studiocanal's divisions under the same logo.

The film, fully financed by Studiocanal and produced by the U.K.'s Working Title, bows in the U.K. in September before rolling out worldwide.

Focus Features will release Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Spy domestically in November and the film will bow in France and Germany early 2012.?

Wolfgang Braun, head of Studiocanal in Germany, says similar cross-border co-productions are a "logical next step" for Studiocanal's European divisions, all of which produce in-house for their local markets.?

"On the (local) production side, the main focus will be success in the local market but in the future we will be looking for projects that have this Pan-European potential," Braun said.

Despite the name change, Studiocanal's French, British and German operations will continue to operate independently when it comes to acquisitions and project development.