Studio Legends: Universal

58 FEA Ron Meyer
Ramona Rosales

Ron Meyer | Photographed by Ramona Rosales on Dec. 7 with 'Despicable Me’s' minions at Universal Studios

Want to learn great people Skills? Just take a look at Ron Meyer, 66. There’s nobody more liked in the business — and not just by outsiders but also by the fierce loyalists who work with him at Universal, where he has served as president and COO since 1995, making him the town’s longest-running studio chief. A former Marine, Meyer made CAA the top agency in Hollywood when he ran it with Michael Ovitz. Tapped by Seagram CEO Edgar Bronfman Jr. to head the studio, he followed in the footsteps of another legendary agent-turned-mogul, Lew Wasserman. The diplomatic Meyer has survived four sets of owners and presided over the release of such Oscar winners as DreamWorks’ Gladiator and Imagine’s A Beautiful Mind. But it’s the 2006 premiere of United 93, with families of 9/11 victims in attendance, that he cites as “probably the most memorable experience I’ve had in this business.”