StudioCanal Adds Michael Winterbottom Documentary Ahead of AFM

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Russell Brand

'The Emperor's New Clothes' with Russell Brand explores the repercussions of the economic crisis

StudioCanal is adding Michael Winterbottom’s economic documentary The Emperor’s New Clothes to its lineup ahead of AFM.

The film unites comedian, provocateur and aspiring revolutionary Russell Brand with director Winterbottom in a polemical documentary about the financial crisis from international banking centers in London’s City and New York. It combines documentary style, archive footage and comedy routines to explore how the crisis has affected the working and lower classes while the famed “one percent” has benefited.

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Winterbottom enlisted the outspoken Brand, who has repeatedly called for a revolution recently, in the documentary.

"It's about inequality and why the one percent [of the world's wealthy] seem to have so much and the rest of us not quite so much," Winterbottom told BBC Radio 4's program Front Row in an interview last week. "Everyone knows about equality and what's going on in the world, so the idea is to point out the ludicrous extremes of our society."

Winterbottom and Brand had previously discussed turning Brand’s 2007 memoir Booky Wook into a film, but that project was abandoned.

Winterbottom told the BBC the documentary had just begun shooting in early October.

The Emperor’s New Clothes is produced by Revolution Films.