Studiocanal to Release RoboCop Reboot in France, the U.K. and Germany

The MGM and Sony film starring Joel Kinnaman, Gary Oldman and Samuel L. Jackson will hit theaters in 2013.

Studiocanal, a unit of Vivendi's Canal+,  has picked up distribution rights to MGM's and Sony’s RoboCop reboot for France, the U.K. and Germany.

Studiocanal will release the new version of the sci-fi action classic from director José Padilha theatrically and across other platforms, including video, VOD and television, but, as the group added, “with certain limited exceptions.”  

“We have been admirers of the director José Padilha since we first saw and distributed the award winning Elite Squad in the United Kingdom," said Studiocanal chairman and CEO Olivier Courson. "As film fans, we cannot wait to see his vision of this new RoboCop with such an incredible cast, including Gary Oldman, Joel Kinnaman and Samuel L. Jackson and with producers like Marc Abraham and Eric Newman.” 

The New RoboCop is set in 2029 where multinational conglomerate OmniCorp is at the center of robot technology and its drones are winning American wars all over the world. The film focuses on Alex Murphy, a loving husband, father and good cop in Detroit who, after being injured in the line of duty, becomes a superhuman cyborg law enforcer.

The film stars Kinnaman as the title character alongside Oldman and Jackson.

RoboCop is produced by Strike Entertainment’s Abraham and Newman, with Eric Carraro as executive producer. The film is currently in pre-production and slated for a summer 2013 release.

Studiocanal will release RoboCop theatrically in 2013 and has the rights to the film for the next 20 years.