StudioCanal titles in passage to India

Mumbai based Shemaroo expands foreign disc library

BANGKOK -- Mumbai-based Shemaroo Entertainment said Wednesday that it has licensed 70 titles from StudioCanal for home video distribution, including the "Rambo" trilogy "Murder on the Orient Express," and "The Graduate."

Led by company director Hiren Gada, Shemaroo licensed the titles for home video distribution in India, Pakistan, Nepal, Bhutan, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka and the Maldives. The DVDs of some of the major titles will have 5.1 surround sound, a first for DVDs in India.

Established 26 years ago, Shemaroo's strength has been its 1,000 title local catalog, but the company last year actively began pursuing the expansion of its foreign film catalog with the acquisition of titles from such studios as Lakeshore Entertainment, Pathe, Imageworks, FremantleMedia and France's MK2, among others.
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