Studios Drop LimeWire Lawsuit

A request for dismissal was filed Oct. 30 and approved on Thursday.

A district judge on Thursday approved a request by several Hollywood studios wishing to drop their two-year-old lawsuit against LimeWire and Mark Gorton, the founder of the file-sharing site that had been accused of enabling piracy.

The studios didn’t say why they dropped legal proceedings, but LimeWire had already been shut down when the studios sued.

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The studios sued shortly after the RIAA settled for more than $100 million in damages from LimeWire, which allowed the sharing of music as well as video until shuttering in late 2010. The big win by the music companies, the theory goes, prompted the studios to angle for a similar settlement, though one never came.

The studios filed to dismiss their lawsuit on Oct. 30 and on Thursday it was approved by U.S. District Judge Harold Baer, Jr.

The dismissal request read:

“Plaintiffs Twentieth Century Fox Film Corp., Viacom International, Comedy Partners, Disney Enterprises, Paramount Pictures Corp. and Warner Bros. Entertainment hereby submit this Notice of dismissal with Prejudice against all Defendants pursuant to Federal Rule of Civil Procedure 41(a).”