Study to Examine How Second Screens Impact Viewers and Creative Process

The results from E-poll Market Research will be presented at CES in Las Vegas and NATPE in Miami Beach, both in January 2014.

NATPE and the Consumer Electronics Association are jointly backing what they say will be the first study to measure how second-screen devices interact with TV programming and how that impacts consumers and the creative process.

The study -- to be released in two parts -- is expected to demonstrate ways the content and technology industries can enhance viewer engagement, improve the user experience and increase revenue in the future.

“Second screen” refers to a secondary device such as a tablet computer, smartphone or laptop that a viewer uses while watching a television program, allowing them at times to interact with and comment on what they are watching.

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“Consumer electronics technologies are disrupting the traditional ways consumers view and engage with their favorite television programs,” said CEA CEO Gary Shapiro, adding that they hope this study will help content creators and the electronics industry understand how to work in this new environment.

“This research marks the intersection between the technology being showcased at CES and the content being celebrated at NATPE,” said NATPE CEO Rod Perth. “It’s a great opportunity for both the technology and creative communities to gain valuable insight about the changes in the media landscape and harness the potential of second screen from both sides of the equation.”

Perth said this also marks the expansion of the relationship between CEA and NATPE. CEA puts on the annual Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, which attracts over 100,000 each January to view the latest in electronics technology and distribution devices. NATPE, held at the end of January in Miami Beach, draws over 5,000 people from the worlds of TV syndication, international distribution and digital media.

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The first part of the study, an online quantitative examination of U.S. TV viewers who use a second-screen device, will be presented at CES (Jan. 7-10, 2014), while the second part -- qualitative research on TV producers and showrunners -- will debut during NATPE (Jan. 27-29, 2014).

The study is being conducted by E-Poll Market Research, which has been conducting qualitative and quantitative research for television networks, producers, media agencies and advertisers for more than 15 years.