Style Notes: Calvin Klein Sales Begin Recovery; Instagram to Add Shopping Function

Kendall Jenner Calvin Klein - P 2015
Courtesy of Calvin Klein

Kendall Jenner Calvin Klein - P 2015

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Justin Bieber and Kendall Jenner's Calvin Klein campaigns appear to be doing the label a little bit of good, as the average unit retail results show a 25 percent increase from last year in North America. Men's underwear is an especially hot category for the brand right now, and menswear is still outperforming womenswear. Overall, however, the brand still has a ways to go, as market shares are still down 50 percent from where they were five years ago. [WWD]

First comes ads, then comes shoppable ads. At least, that's the case for Instagram. After first introducing sponsored posts in 2013, the CFDA's Media Award-winning platform announced that it is currently testing "a variety of new ad formats" that will allow users to shop, sign up for emails and download apps all directly within the Instagram. This could be dangerous. [Fashionista]

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Retailers including Urban Outfitters, Victoria's Secret, J. Crew and Sears could be facing major scheduling overhauls thanks to new lawsuits being filed in California and New York. The legality of "on-call" shifts, where an employee is asked to carve out a chunk of their schedule for work but may or may not be "called in" — and therefore paid — is now being investigated, which could mean million-dollar losses for some of the larger retailers who use the system to save money. [Buzzfeed News]

John Galliano — the brand, not the designer who was dismissed from his eponymous label after a PR nightmare which included drugs and that anti-Semitic rant back in 2011 — is continuing to build itself back up, starting with a brand new logo. The brand will ditch its gothic style lettering in favor of something more streamlined as it transitions into an off-runway premium contemporary line. [Vogue UK]