Style Notes: Cara Delevingne Charges Two Fees Per Gig; Abercrombie Loses Lawsuit

Cara Delevingne - H 2015
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Cara Delevingne - H 2015

Fashion stories to read when you finish freaking out over Caitlyn Jenner.

The modeling industry has finally found a way to monetize the Instagirls' huge social media following. In addition to their modeling fee, agencies have begun to charge an additional fee proportional to the number of followers a model has. For Instagram legends like Cara Delevingne, whose following tops off at 13.2 million, that works out to be a lot of extra cash. [Racked]

Following a 2008 lawsuit filed by Samantha Elauf, a Muslim woman who was denied employment at an Oklahoma Abercrombie and Fitch store because her headscarf did not fit with the company's "look policy," the Supreme Court has ruled against the teen retailer in an 8 to 1 vote. Justice Antonin Scalia explains that Elauf's rejection was based on religious discrimination, stating, "It is undisputed that Abercrombie rejected Elauf because she wore a headscarf, and there is ample evidence in the summary judgment record to prove that Abercrombie knew that Elauf is a Muslim and that she wore the scarf for a religious reason." [Fashionista]

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Two years after the tragic collapse of the Rana Plaza factory in Dhaka, Bangladesh, police are charging factory owner Sohel Rana, as well as 40 others with murder. Over 1,100 people died after the factory complex came tumbling down on April 24, 2013. Despite warning signs, including visible cracks in the building, survivors say they were forced to enter the building to continue work. The collapse was the worst disaster in the history of the garment industry. [The New York Times]

In case you just can't get enough of the Kardashian/Jenner/West krew, here's some more Kanye news: The self-proclaimed genius, who was recently awarded an honorary Ph. D., gave a lecture at the Los Angeles Trade Technical College. Dr. West discussed his favorite subject (himself) and his passion for fashion, as well as how he overcame discrimination in the industry. [YouTube]